Simpson 270 Series 3

Analog - VOM


The Simpson 270 Series 3 comes standard with the mirrored dial.

The inside of this unit is date stamped November 19, 1970

 The Simpson 270-3 has the Taut Band Suspension and a mirrored dial to eliminate parallax errors.

The "M" designation is not used in the series number.

Controls include: Ohms zero adjustment, AC - DC Voltage selector switch,

and a 12 position Function / Range selector switch.

The back of the case has an "adapter lock" for use with "Add-A-Tester" accessories.

The rear case now has raised bumps at the four corners, rubber feet were on the next series.

More inside views linked below.

The batteries used in this model are a single "D" cell, plus four "AA" batteries, there are two "AA"

below the "D" and one "AA" on each side. 

Case Size: 5 " x 7 " x 3"  -  Weight: 3 Pounds

The Adjust-A-View handle can also support the meter in a sloping position for viewing.

Simpson 270-3 Specifications


Ranges 250mV, 2.5V, 10V, 50V, 250V, 1000V, 5000V

Accuracy: 1.25% of full scale @ 77F, 1.75% of full scale @ 67-87F

Accuracy: 2.25% of full scale @ 77F, 2.75% of full scale @ 67-87F For 5000 V Scale


Ranges 2.5V, 10V, 50V, 250V, 1000V

2% of full scale @ 77F, 3% of full scale @ 67-87F

Rated Circuit-To-Ground Voltage 1000V (AC or DC) max.


5 Ranges -20 to +50dB * Reference 0dB= 1mW into 600Ω


Ranges 50μA, 1mA, 10mA, l00mA, 500mA, 10A

Accuracy 0.75% of full scale on 50μA @77F, 1.25% full scale of all others @77F,

1.25% of full scale on 50μA @ 67-87F, 1.75% of full scale of all others @ 67-87F


Ranges R x 1, R x 100, R x 10K

Accuracy 1.5 of arc on R x 1, 1.0 of arc on R x 100, R x 10K

Maximum Indication 0-2KΩ, 0-200Ω, 0-20MΩ

 Audio Frequency Output

With 0.1μf internal series capacitor

Ranges 2.5V, 10V, 50V, 250V

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