Simpson 260 Series AFP-1

Analog - VOM


Simpson Catalog Number 4-000260AFP-1  *  Federal Stock Number 6625-985-3951

This is a U.S. Military version of the Simpson 260-5P, It is supposed to come with a hard plastic

cover for the front, but I do not have it.

The meter face is the same as the Simpson 260-5P.

Controls include: Ohms zero adjustment, AC - DC - Select, a 12 position Function / Range

selector switch, and eight recessed probe jacks. 

The overload reset button is on the left side of the Simpson logo.

The back of the case has an "adapter lock" for use with "Add-A-Tester" accessories.

The back of the case shows the only difference between the 260 Series AFP-1 and the 260-5P.

The military version has rubber feet screwed to the raised bumps at the four corners of the back.

More inside views linked below.

The batteries used in the 260 Series AFP-1 are a single "D" cell, plus an Eveready 417, 15 Volt battery.

The batteries can be installed without doing anything but removing the back of the case.

The fuse is located on the right side.

Case Size: 5 " x 7 " x 3"  -  Weight: 3 Pounds

The Adjust-A-View handle can also support the meter in a sloping position for viewing.

Simpson 260 Series AFP-1 Specifications


Ranges 250mV, 1V, 2.5V, 10V ,25V, 50V, 250V, 500V, 1000V

Accuracy 2% of full scale * Sensitivity 20K per volt


Ranges 2.5V, 10V, 25V, 50V, 250V, 500V, 1000V

Accuracy 3% of full scale * Sensitivity 5K per volt

Rated Circuit-To-Ground Voltage 1000V (AC or DC) max.


5 Ranges -20 to +50dB * Reference 0dB= 1mW into 600Ω


Ranges 50μA, 1mA, 10mA, l00mA, 500mA, 10A

Accuracy 1.5% full scale 5OμA, 2.0% of full scale, all other

Voltage Drop: (Nominal) 250mV on 50μA , 1mA; 255mV on 10mA , 10A; 300mV on 100mA, 500mV on 500mA


Ranges Rx 1, Rx 100, Rx 10K

Accuracy 2.5 of arc on Rx1, 2.0 of arc on other

Maximum Indication 0-2KΩ, 0-200Ω, 0-20MΩ

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