Simpson 250-L

Analog - VOM

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This unit ships with test leads, manual, and batteries.

 The Simpson 250-L has the Taut Band Suspension dial.

Controls include: Ohms zero adjustment, AC - +DC and -DC select, a 12 position Function / Range

selector switch, and eight recessed probe jacks.

The printed circuit board is protected by a fuse and a silicon diode.

More inside views linked below.

The 1969 250-L manual shows that the batteries used in this model are a single "D" cell, plus four "AA" batteries.

This model uses a 15V Number 411 battery and a "D" size cell ( not installed). I'll update this when I find out more.

Case Size: 5 " x 7 " x 3"  -  Weight: 3.5 Pounds

The red Adjust-A-View handle can also support the meter in a sloping position for viewing.

Simpson 250-L Specifications


Ranges: 50mV, 250mV, 2.5V, 10V, 50V, 250V, 500V, 1000V

Accuracy 2% of full scale * Sensitivity 20K per volt


Ranges 2.5V, 10V, 50V, 250V, 500V, 1000V

Accuracy 3% of full scale * Sensitivity 5K per volt

Rated Circuit-To-Ground Voltage 1000V (AC or DC) max.


Ranges 50μA, 1mA, 10mA, l00mA, 500mA, 10A

Accuracy 1% full scale 5OμA, 250μA  *  2.0% of full scale on all other ranges

Voltage Drop: (Nominal) 250mV or 50 mV on 50μA

  Voltage Drop: 50mV on 1mA, 10mA, 100mA, 500mA


Ranges Rx 1, Rx 100, Rx 10K

Accuracy 2.5 of arc on Rx1, 2.0 of arc on other

Maximum Indication 0-2KΩ, 0-200Ω, 0-20MΩ


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