Simpson 240-4

Analog  Volt - Ohm - Milliammeter

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This model is also known as the "Hammeter" as it was designed to serve the needs of amateur radio operators

for checking circuits in their radios.


Front panel controls include a 12 position range switch and a zero ohms knob.

Download a copy of the manual for the Simpson 240-4 here, schematics are included.


This meter is in "as new" condition, not a scratch to be found as shown in the photographs.

Case Size: 3 1/16" x  5 7/8" x  2 5/8"  -  Weight: 1 1/3 Pounds


Here is Roberts' Simpson 260 Series 8PM in a nice drop open Eveready carry case.

 Storage area for the test leads and manual makes this a nice setup.

Simpson 240-4 "Hammeter"Specifications


Ranges 0-15V, 0-75V, 0-300V, 0-750V, 0-3000V

Accuracy 3% of full scale * Sensitivity 1000 Ohms per volt


Ranges 0-15V, 0-150V, 0-750V, 0-3000V

Accuracy 4% of full scale * Sensitivity 1000 ohms per volt


Ranges 0-15mA, 0-150mA, 0-750mA

Accuracy 3%

Voltage Drop: 150mV, maximum


Ranges Rx1( 0-3000 ohms), Rx100 (0-300,000 Ohms)

Accuracy 3 of arc

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