Simpson 215  Version 2

Analog - VOM

Volt-Ohm-Milliammeter  Serial Number 1186

The probe jacks accept the pin type leads, Part Number 0-008375.

The Simpson 215 and the Simpson 260 both came with a leather handle. Both meters are very close in

appearance and functions. The Model 215 has a 250μA range to the Model 260's 100μA range, and

the Model 215 has a Rx1,000 range to the Model 260's Rx10,000 range.

No Taut Band Suspension or mirrored dial, those were still a few years away.

Controls include: Ohms zero adjustment, AC - DC - Output, a 12 position Function / Range selector switch,

and two recessed probe jacks. Note that Micro is spelled out on the 250μA range.

Back view with resistor cover on and off. A lot of hand wiring here, Printed Circuit Boards were not around.

Just a plain bakelite back cover, includes a leather handle. The screws are in the rear for assembly.

The batteries used in this model are a single "D" cell, plus four "AA" batteries, there are two "AA"

below the "D" and one "AA" on each side. There are no fuses or calibration trim pots.

Case Size: 6 " x  5 " x  3 "  -  Weight: 3 Pounds

Thanks again to Allan for this meter variation.

Simpson 215 Specifications


Ranges 2.5V, 10V, 50V, 250V, 1000V

Accuracy 3% of full scale * Sensitivity Unknown


Ranges 2.5V, 10V, 50V, 250V, 1000V

Accuracy 5% of full scale * Sensitivity Unknown

Rated Circuit-To-Ground Voltage Unknown


5 Ranges 0, +12, +26, +40, +52dB


Ranges 250μA, 10mA, l00mA, 500mA

Accuracy Unknown


Ranges Rx1, Rx100, Rx1000

Accuracy Unknown

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